Tin alloy Zhoukou City, was founded in October 1985, at Zhoukou City Economic and Technological Development Zone, is finishing a collection of non-ferrous metal alloy, smelting technology research and development as one of the large joint-stock enterprises. Company focused on tin alloys, babbitt such as product development operations, the main products are tin timber, tin-based alloys, babbitt bearing alloys, tin ingots, tin and inorganic tin of organic chemical products, more than 10 series of 127 varieties. Enterprises with the most advanced smelting, processing complete sets of technology, adhere to the new road to industrialization, through the integration of resources operations, steadily push forward innovation and development strategy, speed up the melting of technological pro..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Wang Zhiwei (Mr.)
    Tel: 0394-5739178
    Fax: 0394-5739178
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